One of the best methods for dealing with excessive hydrostatic pressure on your foundation is water control. Water control uses a broad range of tools to minimize the water in, around, and underneath your home’s foundation. This strategy has the advantage of being adaptable to any foundation or crawlspace. Additionally, water control techniques can be used no matter how old your home is. You don't necessarily have to rebuild your entire foundation. 

Some common water control techniques include:

  • Diverting and channeling water away from the foundation
  • Installing moisture barriers on the interior and exterior of the foundation
  • Regrading of soil surrounding the home to prevent water build-up near the foundation.

Water control techniques are often less invasive than other solutions and provide an affordable first step in your home’s water management strategy. As a certified Grip-Tite dealer, we have a number of options that are customizable to your home. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

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