The Symptoms:

Although crawlspaces don’t typically get thought of often, a crawlspace can have an impact on the overall condition of your property and the health of those living within it. A crawlspace that is wet and damp, dark, dirty and dingy, with an exposed dirt floor and limited insulation is common – however that does not mean it is OK. Another serious symptom of an unhealthy crawlspace is the presence of mold, fungus, and bacteria.

The Causes:

Many crawl spaces rest on exposed dirt. The soil beneath your crawl space absorbs moisture which collects and is trapped within your crawlspace. Additionally, the relative humidity of the air which passes through your crawl space may serve to further trap moisture within your crawlspace. This moisture creates a friendly living environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, and insects.

Do I Need to Fix This?

If you’re wondering about the condition of the crawlspace, and if it is wet and damp, and shows some of the common symptoms, it may be time to at least have an assessment performed by a trained, certified professional. The condition of the crawlspace is a good indicator of the overall condition of the property’s structure. Similarly, the air quality of the crawlspace can also be attributed to the air quality within the living space above.

Our Solution:

To address an unhealthy crawlspace, there are typically six components of a water management solution: 1) Moisture Barrier, 2) Diverter, 3) Drainage, 4) Sump Pump, 5) Back-up Pump, 6) Air Quality Control. Each of these six components are customized and fitted to your property, and will mitigate the two primary contributors to an unhealthy crawlspace: exposed ground and outside air. In some cases, structural damage to the property has occurred due to the condition of the crawlspace. For those situations, we will be able to provide a structural repair solution as well.

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