The Symptoms:

The common symptoms include unwanted water along the perimeter of the basement and near cracks on the slab floor of a foundation.

The Causes:

Whenever soil around the home is swollen and has excessive moisture, hydrostatic pressure is present. This pressure pushes both horizontally against the walls of the basement, and vertically on the slab floor of the within foundation. The positive hydrostatic pressure looks for the path of least resistance – specifically cracks and the cove joint – which is the entry point for the unwanted water.

Do I Need to Fix This?

Uncontrolled water in the home is a great inconvenience, and can lead to additional foundation issues. If a homeowner is experiencing these symptoms, they should have a professional take a look to consider the best solution to cease and prevent water from entering in the future.

Our Solution:

Hydrostatic pressure not only can cause water to enter the home, it can also be a contributing factor to deteriorating foundations. Depending on the home’s situation, there are many solutions to collect, divert and exit the water from the home, and to prevent its return. Drainage systems, moisture barriers and sump pumps are a few solutions for homeowners with this problem.

Do you have a leak in your basement? Do you notice your basement wall bowing or cracking?

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