The Symptoms:

Water along the perimeter of a foundation and hard water stains (efflorescence) are both signs that a waterproofing solution is needed within the home. Typically, these signs are evident on the walls of the foundation; however not limited to only walls and vertical planes.

The Causes:

Water can enter into a structure of a home from hydrostatic pressure. With heavy rain fall, and saturated soil, the positive hydrostatic pressure will look for an entry point. In many cases, the entry point can be caused by damage from exterior hardscaping and landscaping work, or from cracks and degradation within the foundation walls itself.

Do I Need to Fix This?

Waterproofing can work in conjunction with other water management and foundation repair products if water is present. It can also be used as a preventative measure before the problem occurs. Contact one of our professionals for a complete assessment and solution based on your home’s needs.

Our Solution:

Exterior waterproofing products are typically more effective to keep water from coming inside the home, and prevent further damage from water infiltration and mold/mildew. Traditional waterproofing products are usually applied wet and allowed to cure for full effectiveness. Some waterproofing products are applied as a film; and in some cases the product can be applied from the interior of the property.

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